Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Raspberry Pi

Powered by Linux, costs a fraction of other computers, and now available as Raspberry PiThere have been rumblings about the very low cost, education-focused Raspberry Pi for some time, but this week "Pi" was officially announced to the world. Raspberry Pi devices come without the usual peripherals: keyboard, mouse, or monitor - but it offers other capabilities.......
The £14 Model A now includes 256MB of RAM while the £22 Raspberry Pi Model B includes an Ethernet port and two USB ports, among other enhancements. The Raspberry Pi has been designed to inspire schoolchildren and adults to program and learn this much talked about under-the-bonnet computing. 

Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi Device
The aim behind the device is for the next generation to learn to control computers, rather than be controlled by them. And as the first versions go on sale there has been an overwhelming demand!

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