Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Use QR Codes to celebrate work

Ive just stumbled across this idea on twitter this morning for a creative use of QR codes in primary schools. Thanks to @TomBrush1982 for the idea.

If you want to share a child's success or achievement easily with parents, what better way to do it than to generate a QR code linked to that piece of work. Stick the code on the postcard and send it home. Parents can then scan the code with a Smartphone or other device with a free scanning app and view their child's work. 
A brilliant and fun idea!

Courtesy of @TomBrush1982 via twitter

Example postcard using Pages template - doesn't need to be this fancy just use a standard postcard as above.

Some more great ideas here for using QR codes, in business and education but a talented, creative teacher can adapt those ideas easily to make the classroom an exciting and engaging place to learn!