‘Cool!  I could do this all the time.  It makes learning fun and it’s great when you hear yourself talk like a radio presenter.’ - Year 8 pupil - Newman Special School, Rotherham

Year 3 as Explorers on Christopher Columbus' Ship the Nina, Skirlaugh Primary, East Riding
What is it?
A podcast is a method of publishing recorded talk, music and sometimes text, images or movies via the Internet in a way that shares your content automatically and on a regular basis with your listeners.
It provides children with a potential real audience on the Internet which automatically increases their awareness about the content they are offering and makes them want to improve their presentational skills.

What do I need to get started?
Barbara Ainscough can provide all resources for an in-school workshop if requested
✓ Ideas and content (images, movies, script or story)
✓ A computer: laptops or ipads are an easy solution and offer great flexibility
✓ Audio-editing software such as Apple’s Garageband or Podium
✓ A microphone - the easi-speak microphone is easy to use and offers great recording quality
✓ A web server to store the podcast on - there are some excellent free online tools available to add audio to blog posts- check out Audioboo or SpeakPipe

How much time do I need?
Podcasting is the kind of activity that should be ongoing.  You will need to make time for developing new episodes within the feed, a bit like a radio serialisation or a TV soap.
The amount of time you need all depends on how long your episodes are and how often you plan to broadcast your next episodes.
✓ 45 minutes to plan your ideas collaboratively
✓ 90 minutes to write a script, monologue, interview questions or episode
✓ 1 hour to locate or take relevant photographs to enhance your recording
✓ 1 hour to compose your own jingles, sound-FX or background track (optional - many are provided copyright-free)
✓ 3 hours to assemble the podcast (recording plus adding images and sound-FX)
✓ 30 minutes to publish - something like Blogger or Wordpress could be used

Download useful extras from the Resources Section.

What can I expect to achieve?
You can use podcasting in almost all curriculum areas - whatever content you have created, podcasting is just a different, newer and automatic way of sharing it.

✓ Communication: Newsletter, collaboration, event announcement
 e-Learning: Video-on-demand, revision, audio texts, PPT  and PDF files
✓ Creative Authoring: Art, music, media, animation
✓ Real Audiences: radio, interviewing, storytelling, poetry, drama (soaps)

Impact on learning:
✓ Creative authoring and speaking and listening skills
✓ Create original audio/image files, with careful consideration of purpose and audience which can be showcased on the school's web-site or blog
 Presentation skills and sensitivity to audience, thinking carefully about purpose and quality of content
✓ Explore personal capabilities such as creativity, communication, negotiation, initiative, collaboration, leadership and self-motivation
✓ Develop positive habits and attitudes necessary for responsible citizenship
✓ Increase pupil engagement in the curriculum, self-confidence and self-esteem
✓ Provide greater access to the curriculum

You might also like to link the project to your school’s web-site, blog or Learning Platform

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