Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kahoot! - Create a quiz

Quizzes in the classroom are great fun for the kids - use them as lesson starters or for plenary. I was recently introduced to Kahoot! for use on the iPad by the Kahoot! team themselves via twitter and I have to say Ive not used any other quiz software since!

Its free, simple to use, and designed with education in mind. It appeals to all ages of student, and with a timed challenge for each question and a leaderboard its guaranteed to engage and motivate your entire class. Whenever Ive used this with teachers excitement runs high!

Because its web-based, and not yet an app it means you have greater flexibility in using it. So, for instance, the teacher or a group of kids can create a quiz on their desktop computer - mac or PC and then ask the class to access the quiz from their mobile devices - android or iOS iPad/ iPod. Kahoot! behaves like a voting system and answers are sent back to the teachers device screen and projected for all to see.
The results can also be downloaded by the teacher for knowledge based evidence purposes.

Find out more by visiting the Kahoot! website and try it for yourself.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

NEW Serail Mash Reading resource

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Serial Mash 

The ideal solution for both teachers and students!
Serial Mash is much more than just a collection of e-books. It has been tailor-made for use in educational settings.
Teachers get access  to Serial Mash a full half-term in advance of the students, giving you plenty of time to plan. You'll find Serial Mash in the'Teachers Tab' inside Purple Mash.

Teacher Release: 09/12/2013
Student Release : 24/02/2014
What makes Serial Mash special?
  • The first series of books are written by award winning children's author Jonny Zucker
  • Each chapter comes with National Curriculum 2014 ready teacher resources
  • Each chapter comes with a range of fun and creative educational activities from Purple Mash
  • You can adjust the formatting to make it more accessible for students with special educational needs
  • Children can access it from school or from home
  • It works on whiteboards, desktops, laptops, and tablets
  • It has a built-in word look-up to expand vocabulary
  • It builds into your school's own digital library!
"Jonny Zucker is our school's author-in-residence and he came in to give us a preview of Serial Mash. The kids loved the stories and the activities. I was particularly impressed by how engaged they were with the narrative. They thought the game-show style comprehension quiz was fab and they did some amazing extended writing work. The whole school is now eagerly awaiting February!"  
Ms Jayasuriya, Head Teacher, Kenilworth Primary School