Thursday, March 08, 2012

Submitting work on an iPad

For those schools introducing iPads into the classroom to support learning and teaching, one of the biggest concerns from teachers in schools is about students sharing their work with the teacher and how students will submit assignments for assessment. 
As far as I can see, there seem to be four key options for doing this across a range of Apps:
  • Lots of Apps do have a 'send as email' option, however most students will not have school email accounts, so emailing is ruled out altogether.
  • A second option supported by various Apps is to send to WebDAV.
    Dav-Pocket for iPad and iPhone, which is free.  It is very simple to use, fast and secure and links to your Google Docs account, which is a real plus for some schools.You can access your Google Docs via WebDAV without directly needing to use a Google Account. But first you need to authorise DAV-pocket to access Google Docs.
    To get started c
    reate a DAV-pocket account.
     successfully created, the link 'Authorise DAV-pocket service' will become available.
    Click to Authorise and you are taken to the Google Account sign in page. 
    Signing in is necessary to authorise DAV-pocket access to Google Docs.  Click 'Grant access' and now you are all set-up via WebDAV using your DAV-pocket account.
  • A third and very popular option is to use Dropbox -  this works well, it's free, fast, secure and for most teachers, intuitive to use. Where an App only supports the email option for exporting work, then you can also use account for the iPads.
    Although the students will not have direct access to the
    Dropbox account, they are able to send to an 'Attachments' folder in your DropboxThe teacher can then view and download work from Dropbox as required. In order to do this students will need to connect with Dropbox to get a unique email address and then start sending files - after a few minutes the files will appear in the Attachments folder, ready to be viewed as and when.
  • Ive just heard there is a fourth option, but Ive not tried this myself yet.  The Edmodo iPad app now enables students to upload media to their library and then send in as an assignment. This would allow for a great workflow for students to create a digital portfolio of all their work, which they can view from any computer or device.  Edmodo is free and many teachers rate it highly as a tool to support learning.
If you have any other suggestions I'd love to hear from you .......
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