Friday, March 09, 2012

Reasons to use an iPad in the classroom

  • Personalised learning - the iPad enables anywhere, anytime learning. And if owned by a student, maybe through something like the iStudent programme, they can take their iPad home for continued learning.
  • Create your own learning needs - Work with developers to create the resources you need to get the results you want. The iPad is an interactive mobile device which can transform the way students learn.
  • Make it your Personal Learning Studio -  let it be what you want it to be...... David Hockney has made it his art studio - What will you do with your iPad?  Maybe you could make it your recording studio, science lab, language lab, video editing suite, games console or library?
  • No need to budget for expensive interactive whiteboards - Use AppleTV to turn the iPad into your next interactive projecting device. For just £79.99, this device enables your students to share (project) their work with the rest of the class right from where they are seated - interact directly using wireless and the touch screen on the iPad.  This also frees the teacher up to walk around the classroom and watch problems related to behaviour fade away!
  • Apps are a fraction of the price of traditional software.  Check out the App store to find out more.
  • Auto-Save - All files are saved  automatically, which means learners know their work is always safe.
  • iPad is an ‘anywhere, anytime’ learning device - ideal for all learning and projects that take place out of the classroom - a museum, library, school grounds, art gallery, residential visit. Use a MiFi and learners can access the web at all times anywhere.
  • Do you really need an ICT suite?  Investing in iPads means you bring the learning into the classroom. No timetabling required to ensure learners access computers, no more wasted time moving around the school.
  • Frustrated with poor battery life on your laptops?  iPads give you instant-on and all-day battery life and can be accessed immediately. Switched on at the press of a button, get online and find the information you're after in a fraction of the time it takes a laptop to log-on.
  • Computer Networks - Experiencing problems logging in at school?  Ever feel you have wasted lots of time because the network is down?  An iPad can hold all the Apps a learner needs and access to them is immediate, so virtually no time is wasted at all.
  • Heavily reliant on technical support in school?  The iPad needs little maintenance - installing Apps is easy and fast using a sync and charge device, case or cabinet with little need for any technical support - this puts the learner and teacher in control of their own learning and technology.

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