Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Purple Mash login update - 2Simple

Calling all Purple Mash users - now you can access Purple Mash in your classroom without logging in! 

2Simple have made Purple Mash even more accessible for you and your pupils with the new desktop shortcut link. Your pupils can access Purple Mash at the click of a button without logging in.
As teachers we all know how useful this feature is for all primary learners, saving essential time logging in at the beginning of a lesson means they can achieve more. However, to save all work children will be required to enter individual logins.

The desktop link is only active during school hours and for 2Simple's 2LASSO admin users. For out of school hours and home use 2Simple will give you a web-link that you can put on your learning platform or school website. 
You will need to request this by sending an email to 2Simple <> with your school name and they will send you an email with your school's desktop link and web link ready for you to get started.

To arrange a free 4 week trial of PurpleMash, or for more information contact me:  - 07976 411492

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