Friday, February 17, 2012

Free Teacher QR Code Worksheets

I love this idea from the 'Do try this at home' blog - something Ive been wanting to do for some time.....  The idea behind the activity is that children can use their own, or their parent's handheld device (Smartphone, iPod Touch or iPad), at home to access a worksheet created by the teacher - which could be a homework activity.
Each of the sample worksheets on that blog have been QR Code enabled, so all you need to do is download one of the many FREE QR reader apps onto your device - see below for just a few of the many available apps. Once you've done this just point and scan the QR code on the worksheet to find out more, view a 'How To' tutorial and see what you have to do to complete the task - simple and fun!
Of course this idea could be used to make learning exciting in school too.  The ideas for creating such resources are endless and this idea can support the entire curriculum in a fun and novel way - have fun scanning!
Download FREE QR code scanners
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