Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review of the National Curriculum

The Hamilton Trust write:
Dear users & Friends of Hamilton,
As you probably know, the government released the Report of the Expert Group looking at the review of the National Curriculum. The report makes many important recommendations which, if accepted, will have profound effects on primary education. 
We know you are busy busy busy and do not have time to download reports of 80+ pages but we do think that it is vital that opinions from those at the chalk face are heard by DfE and ministers. So we have copied some of the more important recommendations (such as the suggestion that Levels are scrapped hence getting rid of APP...) into a survey and ask that you take five minutes to look at this and comment. You can literally do this in 5 minutes if you choose. SO PLEASE GIVE US YOUR OPINIONS and we will faithfully collate them and feed these back to DfE with whom we have excellent contacts.
Find the survey here.

All the best
Ruth Merttens
For further information please email

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