Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Create short quizzes - Socrative

Socrative is a FREE student response system designed for teachers to engage their students through quizzes and games for a range of IT devices.... and it works really well on iPad!
For teachers that like to create short quizzes to check on learning, for a plenary or a lesson starter then check out Socrative now.
Its easy to use and a quiz can be created within minutes or simply ask questions orally and use it as a voting system.  Feedback from students is instant and results are easy to view by all.
Quiz answer options are multiple choice, True/ False or short answers and choose options to run the quiz as a teacher or student paced activity.

Im currently using Socrative with pupils in UK KS2 for Comprehension and Inference activities - Literacy. Take your class book, prepare a set of questions about the book, then have fun checking pupils' understanding and comprehension using a quiz.
The quiz can of course be prepared by groups of pupils for use on their class-mates which makes it a great tools-based app.
Socrative is brilliant for plenary activities too - a quick check at the end of a lesson to see what level of learning and understanding has taken place.

You can of course just use Socrative Web in a browser. This means you dont need to download the teacher App onto your iPad at all.
Go to, click registration, create a distinct virtual room number and you are ready to go in 60 seconds.
The teacher site is supported on on any web browser on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device.
For student access they simply go to, enter the virtual room number given by their teacher and click “Join room” - ready to go in seconds.

Socrative is currently in Beta which means you get the software for free.
The team just want your feedback on how they can improve the product. Please let them know by emailing:

For more information contact me:

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