Thursday, June 28, 2012

Submitting work via iTunes

If you're using an iPad you may have noticed that some of the Apps, such as Keynote, iMovie, Garageband, Pages and some book-creator apps give you an option to export work to iTunes.  This is really simple to do and offers the teacher a simple, convenient way to access student work and mark it.
1. From the App choose the Export icon and select iTunes.
2. Now open iTunes on your Mac.
3. Make sure sync via wifi is enabled so that you can access student iPads discreetly.
4. In iTunes, on the left select the student device you want to view work on.
5. Next, scroll down the main window until you can view 'File Sharing' and click on the App that did the sharing in the list (you may need to scroll within the list itself). Your document should appear, with options to 'Add' or 'Save To'.
6. Choose 'Save To' - view the work and annotate/ mark as appropriate.

For more about this visit Digital Roadtrip's blog.

Sharing work on an iPad is evolving on a daily basis.  Its far from consistent or ideal at the moment but im sure that a standard will emerge over time.
Ideally, students need to be able to publish everything directly.
The best method would be for all students to have their own personal, reflective-learning blog which would be accessible by other students, teachers and parents. It's focus would be on 'How I learn and what I have been learning' or as UK primary teachers like to refer to it - WALT and WILF - 'We are learning today' and 'What Im looking for.'
Essentially this system will replace the  existing networks running in school and all work will be saved to the Cloud or similar.

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