Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Archbishop Sentamu Summer School

Its been a hot few days here in the Hull area, indeed some of the hottest days of the year so far!  Ive got to hand it to the Year 6 transition students for attending the Archbishop Sentamu Summer School, when this kind of sunshine is very tempting to keep you outdoors....

Thanks to Jacqui Thompson for organising this action-packed activity week. I know the students attending it have had a great time and got lots out of the event. They've had a chance to make new friends, learned new things, including how to use an iPad for learning and not least how to find their way around the Academy.

My groups were asked to consider using the theme of 'Moving On' to create a short iMovie project on the iPad. Students shared their private thoughts about how they feel about moving from primary school to the Academy.

Most students had never used an iPad before and were introduced to the following apps:
Camera and video

All students very quicky got the hang of things and the creativity and ideas flowed easily - very little, if any support was needed.

Ive uploaded a couple of the projects here for you to view:

More of the projects can be viewed directly from my Vimeo account here.

For more information contact me:

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