Thursday, June 21, 2012

1-1 roll-outs and student safety?

For those schools going down the 1:1 iPad route there are specific concerns about student safety.  One concerned teacher writes "As our school embarks on a 1-1 iPad roll-out for September we have had a number of parents expressing concerns about their children being mugged for their iPads once it becomes public knowledge.
My question is, what are people's experiences of such issues in 1-1 schools?  Has there been an increase in such incidents?  What have schools done to minimise this?
Any pointers gratefully received."

David Kirtlan, independent trainer suggests the following:
"This is a question that has been raised in various schools I've worked with and I think the best approach to tackle the issue I've come across revolved around awareness. 

They had every iPad engraved with the school details and had a huge involvement with the local press to raise awareness in the community about what they were doing in the school, focusing on the educational outcomes, but at the same time, pointing out that everything was engraved making it very difficult for any potential muggers and thieves to sell the devices on. This awareness project also involved the local police and shops so that if they did happen to come across an engraved iPad, they could contact the school and follow up. 

That said, I've not come across any instance of muggings or thefts with perhaps 100 schools I've worked with this year, but parents often raise the question." 

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