Friday, June 21, 2013

Sharing Sound files on iPad

I’ve been working with a class recording poetry -speaking & listening, poetry & performance.
1. We used AudioBoo to record the poems and then clicked on the export arrow to copy the link.
This can now be pasted into a blog or onto a website or you could create a QR code to open it.
Click on the link below to listen to the poem.
2. Another way to share sounds is to create the poem in GarageBand, export to sound cloud and open the sound in the SoundCloud app. A teacher could have a single email address eg. that children use to log in to the account.
Castle Poem – SoundCloud
To alter privacy settings in SoundCloud, log in online. If you click on 'my stream' you can make specific recordings public or private. You can also delete recordings from here and share with others.
3. A third great way is to record a sound/s in Book Creator. Teacher sends to Dropbox and copies the link from within Dropbox. Create a QR code using this URL ( red laser) and children can scan & listen to the instruction or sound.
4. The Audio Note app is simple for use on the iPad (£2.99). You can paste additional notes into the area & record your instructions/ ideas.
Notes can be saved in iCloud or on the iPad and shared across devices or computers either by email or wifi. Useful 'how to notes' here.

To put an AudioNote into DropBox:

  1. Install the DropBox App on your iPad Dropbox - App Store
  2. Open the note you want to transfer in AudioNote
  3. Hit the Share button
  4. Choose 'Open In..'
  5. Select DropBox from list of Apps that can open AudioNote files.
  6. DropBox will open and ask where you want to save the file.

To open a DropBox file in AudioNote:

  1. Find the audio file in DropBox and hit the Share button 
  2. Select AudioNote in the list of apps that can open it.
  3. It will be added to your file list in AudioNote as a new file.
5. To keep things simple you could just use the camera app in video mode and record performance poetry or similar. Cover up the camera so its just audio. This saves back to the camera roll and you can email the file and link it to a QR code as above.

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