Friday, March 22, 2013

Sharing class books created in IBA

For those teachers wondering how they can share an iBooks Author project with their
class this is a simple solution.

Lets say that a student has created a book but you don't want to publish it to the iBooks store. However, you do want to make this book available to other students - to download, share and read it.  

  1. Export the book as an iBook from the Share menu in iBooks Author and the finished book will have the .ibook file extension. 
  2. Next, upload this copy to Dropbox and share the link with your students.  
  3. Place the file into the Public folder in Dropbox, this takes less clicks to download. 
  4. Finally, students need to visit the Dropbox site in Safari on their iPads and click the option to open the file in iBooks.
  5. All students now have access to the finished book and can read it in iBooks on their own iPad.

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