Sunday, February 03, 2013

New Stylus for iPad

I had the pleasure of working on the TTS Group Stand at the acclaimed Education ICT Bett Show this year (Jan 30 - Feb 1 2013).

TTS have just released a new set of affordable resources for the iPad in schools.

Poppy drawn with iCrayon in Brushes app
Something I almost overlooked, but now Im convinced I could not work without in a classroom, are the new range of styluses. Check out the iCrayon at just £5.99 or the Paint brush stylus for something even more sophisticated with an interchangeable head.

Once you pick up the iCrayon you will be reluctant to put it down again. Not only do I use it for drawing and painting but also find myself using it across a whole range of apps including Explain Everything, Showbie and Bee-bot.

This is my first attempt at painting a flower using the Brushes App, so much easier to do with an iCrayon than your finger! - have to say Im quite pleased with the result......

Just one last thing I need to do - get my class set of iCrayons ordered! 

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