Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Blippit - app creator tool

At last, with the launch of the new Blippit App Maker , schools are now in the position to start their own school’s web app community.

Blippit is for any school with creative aspirations. With Blippit students and teachers can quickly & safely create, publish & develop as many web apps to the real world as they want. 
Fully compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android phones.

Just in case youre wondering, you wont find Blippit on the app store - thats because it isn't an app store app.  These are web apps that require no submission to stores and carry no risk of store costs or rejection unless decided by the school.  
The apps publish to a school's own sub-domain, designed initially for internal use by the school site. They belong to the school, each having a unique URL. 
Students of all ages can use the QR code generated with the code to send to mobile users, or links can be shared for mobile users via their own mobile app library that may infact just be a web page. 

Students and teachers can make unlimited apps and publish using the Blippit portal for their school. Publishing is real and if you decide to go one step further it is possible to publish to the world. Learning about marketing is part of the process, so secondary schools in particular may see real value there.

If you decide to order then please use this code when purchasing the app - OYA-UK

If youre interested in finding out more then feel free to contact me : barbaraainscough@mac.com

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