Friday, May 04, 2012

Microphones for iPad & iPhone

If you are serious about making videos on your  iPad or iTouch then you will need to look carefully at the recording options. You may end up with a great video but inevitably the sound quality will not be so good and your audience may not be able to hear what's being said....
You can overcome this problem by investing in a decent microphone - plenty available at great prices too.

The iPhone Boom Mic is a clip-on style shotgun microphone that gives your iPhone videos big, professional style sound. Any background noise is automatically dulled giving you the best quality sound from your subject.
Lightweight and pocket-sized, the microphone attaches to the headphone jack even over a case.

Shooting your friend's show? Use the directional setting or the super-directional setting for more precisely focused recording.

The KVConnection type microphones are of a professional standard (XLR). Some have a headphone jack so you can also monitor your recording.  However, you will need a free hand to hold the microphone though - shucks!

Amazon have the full range of microphones available at great prices as you'd expect - read the reviews before you buy!

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