Sunday, April 22, 2012

Morfo App

Morfo App
I used the Morfo App recently at an iPad workshop in Rotherham. If you know of and like 'Crazy Talk' on a PC then you won't need convincing about the opportunities for learning this App presents. Morfo is free, fun and easy to use. On your iPad simply save a portrait from Safari into your camera roll, it works best with forward facing portraits. Then follow simple online instructions to apply animation to the eyes, nose, mouth and face.
Finally record up to 30 seconds of audio and the face automatically lip-syncs to the audio you record. There are lots of extras too, such as make-up, mood, voice and 'rocking' options which really help you to add contextual value to your character.

I think this App has lots of potential and also fits neatly into the games-based learning arena too. Students can take part in researching a topic and learn at the same time by having fun. Use it to bring various projects alive in history (Boudicca, Henry VIII, Churchill), or animate a famous inventor or scientist (Darwin, Alexander Fleming). Use in RE to create a short story.

How about bringing your favourite Superhero to life? (Spiderman), or a famous author (Roald Dahl) or book character (Horrid Henry).
The ideas are limitless, and if you combine Morfo with iMovie, Keynote, Creative Book Builder or Puppet Pals you can really create something great!
Whatever you decide to do with Morfo, have fun! Get in touch and let me know how you've used it with your class....

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